Luxury Business Retreats in Mexico

Give your business some therapy and renew your spirit on a Luxury Wellness Retreat

Wild Wisdom Retreats are sacred journeys for women who are ready to take their business to the next level of success and nourish their wellbeing.

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Retreat in Mexico

Elevate Your Business

Nourish Your Wellbeing

Your drive and success have made you who you are today. Yet, your heart is calling you to shift gears.

  • You feel overwhelmed with how to bring to life the dreams you’ve had for your life when you’re buried in your business
  • You are ready to pivot and need a strategy so you don’t lose the notoriety and income you’ve worked so hard for all these years
  • You feel like you’re holding up half the sky and ready to be a part of a community of like-minded women who get you
  • You’re successful on many levels, but want to expand, scale, and call in the right team to support you and get out of the day-to-day a bit more
  • You’re highly sought after in your industry, but you are tired, know you can’t keep going at this rate and need to rejuvenate and restructure
  • You have a deep calling to shift some things in your life and business, but easily distracted by the daily demands in both

I believe you deserve a chance to unplug and redefine what success looks like.

Activate your creative capacity on an annual retreat and allow yourself to be nurtured, nourished and open to receive more in your business and life. Because every new season of growth in your business will bring new opportunities & challenges that require you to think and act differently.

I get it. You’re successful on so many levels, but you want more.

✨You’ve built a 6 to 7-figure business or career and you’re ready to re-invigorate your passion to propel you to your next level of success.

You’re longing for more connection and to be a part of community of like-minded women making moves and living life on their terms.

You're ready to lean into your love of travel, unplug from all your daily responsibilities and activate your creative capacity.

When you have a community that cheers you on and intentionally design your business to support you, you can live the life you have always dreamed of...without the hustle. I can show you how...because I'm living it.

Alyssa Pfennig with daughter
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Redefine what it means to be a successful woman in business.

In these signature retreats, Alyssa Pfennig is opening up her secrets and vast wisdom in spiritual and Eastern medicine, ancestral healing, feminine embodiment and business expansion. Learn firsthand on retreat how to design your life and grow your business in alignment to your heart’s greatest callings, using your deep connection to your ancestral lineages, the wisdom of Horse, and a balance of Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine energies.


Tulum - October 2024
Todos Santos - February 2025

Membership gives you exclusive access to all Wild Wisdom Retreats within 1 year of enrollment. For one, low monthly payment, you can attend 1 retreat a year! You'll also receive first dibs on newly released retreats every year!


$375 / month for 12 Months


1 Wild Wisdom Retreat per Year - All Inclusive - Shared Room


To build a truly profitable, scalable, and in-demand business using the following techniques:

  • Gain crystal clarity on your 1-year, 3-year, 5-year or 10-year plan for your business and how to set the right milestones to achieve them.
  • Define your growth strategy and organizational chart to get you out of the weeds of your business and into your genius zone by surrounding yourself with the right people, regardless of the size of your team.
  • Build a rock solid product suite and pricing strategy in total alignment with your worth so you can sell without being ‘salesy’ to convert the RIGHT clients and maximize your profitability.
  • Build a thought-leading online platform to market to the right audience, and clients using social media to attract the business that fills you up versus weighs you down.
  • Gain masterful tools in pitching yourself to the media, podcasts, events and strategic partnerships to scale your awareness, increase your value and open you up to brand new opportunities for growth.


To build a truly profitable, scalable, and in-demand business using the following techniques:

  • Deepen your connection with your highest wisdom through life-changing experiences with Horse as guide and support.
  • Connect with your ancestors to gain sacred lineage wisdom using Horse as a guide and channel.
  • Rewrite your relationship with wealth and step into your highest frequency of manifesting abundance. 
  • Learn how to energetically protect yourself as you uplevel with the tools of affirmations, visualization, crystals and more.
  • Enhance your intuition to ensure you’re making choices in alignment with your worth with greater clarity and ease.
  • Learn how to open your eyes to the synchronicities and signs from the Universe and trust that you are being fully guided.
  • Confidently lead with your heart to magnetize your right team and your right clients so that your business can bring you JOY. 
  • Deepen your connection to the spirit world, animal kingdom, Divine Feminine Archetypes, Spirit Guides and Deities to embody your Light and authentic truth more than you have ever known to be possible in your life or career.



"This retreat was soothing for the soul."

Getting away to spend time doing things for yourself with other like-minded people is an opportunity not to be passed up! With time in nature, doing yoga and mindfulness practices, and spending time learning about ourselves through working with horses this retreat was soothing for the soul.

Lisa B.
Past Retreat Participant

"You can drop all of your roles and just be."

It's a very special time to focus on yourself and be comfortable being your authentic YOU! You can drop all of your roles and just be.

Dawn J.

Past Retreat Participant

"I have felt inspired and empowered to believe in myself."

I have felt inspired and empowered to believe in myself and in particular to understand how to delegate and remember that I am the boss, this business is mine and I can run it how I envision with my own voice.

Julia S.
Clinical Founder + Psychotherapist

"I'm so much more confident and clear in pursuing what my heart desires!"

You're helping women achieve more clarity in a quick chat than 100+ hour courses can provide. You reduce the information overwhelm of the entrepreneurial space and slice through to what matters. I'm so much more confident and clear in pursuing what my heart desires!

Lineliz V.
Mindfulness + Mindset Coach


It's time to put yourself on the priority list. Here's how...


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Retreat in Mexico with a community of female entrepreneurs.

Everything is possible with the right mindset, guidance and action plan. On retreat, you'll unplug, connect and design your next level of success in your business so that you can have the wildly fulfilling life your heart desires.

Meet Alyssa.

Alyssa Pfennig guides entrepreneurs, leaders and experts at the top of their industry into their next level of success through a combination of intuitive business coaching, personal brand strategy and her signature Wild Wisdom Retreats.

She has successfully brought several businesses to life, including creating, expanding, and then selling a 2,500 sq. ft. yoga studio and wellness center for six figures and launching her branding and marketing agency, Hekate Strategies, that set the stage for her digital nomad life.

She is trained as a yoga therapist and in Eastern medicine and has spent years studying the feminine, ancestral lineage repair and family constellations, and connection with Horse as medicine.

Prior to her adventures in entrepreneurship, she served as the COO of a national real estate and alternative investments organization and director of an international sporting organization, but left it all to follow her heart and design a life where she could slow down and spend more time with her daughter and do the things that make her feel alive…like dancing tango every week, traveling, and writing.

Alyssa is living her most authentic life in San Miguel de Allende, amidst the central highlands of Mexico with her young daughter and her dog.

You deserve both a flourishing business and wildly fulfilling life.

It’s your time to expand your abundance in all aspects of your life and business.

✨It’s time to expand your team, your revenue, your business, your brand, your impact, and ultimately, your definition of success as a woman.

✨It’s time to stop waiting to exhale and actually breathe in the life that you’ve created.

✨It’s time to say YES to you on a deeper level and design your business to allow you to answer the callings of your heart.