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I believe you deserve both a flourishing business and wildly fulfilling life.

Activate your creative capacity on an annual retreat and allow yourself to be nurtured, nourished and open to receive more in your business and life. Because every new season of growth in your business will bring new opportunities & challenges that require you to think and act differently.


Membership gives you exclusive access to all Wild Wisdom Retreats within 1 year of enrollment. For one, low monthly payment, you can attend 1 or 2 retreats a year!


*LUXE Retreat


$555 / month for 12 Months


1 standard Retreat per Year


$999 / month for 12 Months


2 standard Retreats per Year


1 LUXE Retreat per Year*

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Benefits of Membership:

  • Affordable monthly payment plan
  • Priority booking on newly released retreats
  • First dibs on the room of your choice
  • Guaranteed shared room at redeemed retreat(s)
  • Discounts on private room upgrades
  • Discounts on upgrade packages
  • Discounts on all Luxe Retreats*


"I have felt inspired and empowered to believe in myself."

I have felt inspired and empowered to believe in myself and in particular to understand how to delegate and remember that I am the boss, this business is mine and I can run it how I envision with my own voice.

Julia S.
Clinical Founder + Psychotherapist

"I'm so much more confident and clear in pursuing what my heart desires!"

You're helping women achieve more clarity in a quick chat than 100+ hour courses can provide. You reduce the information overwhelm of the entrepreneurial space and slice through to what matters. I'm so much more confident and clear in pursuing what my heart desires!

Lineliz V.
Mindfulness + Mindset Coach

"My business is growing faster than it has in the past!"

Alyssa goes beyond rebranding, as it almost becomes a mental-emotional-spiritual experience to bring what is deep inside of us out to be seen, heard and honored. In the end, my business is growing faster than it has in the past!

Amy W.
Yoga Therapist + Trainer

"All of my dreams I have had for years have started to align."

Since I've started working with you, all of my dreams I have had for years have started to align.

Sonya D.

Global Icon in the Hair Industry


It's time to put yourself on the priority list. Here's how...


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Have a flourishing business — and wildly fulfilling life.

Everything is possible with the right mindset, guidance and action plan. You'll design your next level of success in your business so that you can have the wildly fulfilling life your heart desires.

Meet Alyssa.

Alyssa Pfennig guides entrepreneurs, leaders and experts at the top of their industry into their next level of success through a combination of intuitive business coaching, personal brand strategy, feminine embodiment and her signature Wild Wisdom Retreats.

She has successfully brought several businesses to life, including creating, expanding, and then selling a 2,500 sq. ft. yoga studio and wellness center for six figures and launching her branding and marketing agency, Hekate Strategies, that set the stage for her digital nomad life.

She is trained as a yoga therapist and in Eastern medicine and has spent years studying the feminine, ancestral lineage repair and family constellations, and connection with Horse as medicine.

Prior to her adventures in entrepreneurship, she served as the COO of a national real estate and alternative investments organization and director of an international sporting organization, but left it all to follow her heart and design a life where she could slow down and spend more time with her daughter and do the things that make her feel alive…like dancing tango every week, traveling, and writing.

Alyssa is living her most authentic life in San Miguel de Allende, amidst the central highlands of Mexico with her toddler daughter and her dog.

Alyssa Pfennig image

You deserve both a flourishing business and wildly fulfilling life.

It’s your time to expand your abundance in all aspects of your life and business.

✨It’s time to expand your team, your revenue, your business, your brand, your impact, and ultimately, your definition of success as a woman.

✨It’s time to stop waiting to exhale and actually breathe in the life that you’ve created.

✨It’s time to say YES to you on a deeper level and design your business to allow you to answer the callings of your heart.

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What is the difference between Standard and LUXE Retreats?

Standard retreats are our most commonly hosted Wild Wisdom Retreats and are priced within our standard rates. Most standard retreats are semi-inclusive, so most, if not all meals are also covered. LUXE retreats are upgraded retreats with additional days and are priced at premium rates. Most LUXE retreats are all-inclusive.

What room type is included in the membership?

All memberships include shared rooms. Private room upgrades are available to all members at a discounted rate. Some locations only have single rooms available and when that is the case, those will be included at that specific location.

What else is included in each retreat?

Inclusions and bonuses vary by retreat. All retreats include 5-star accommodations, food & beverage package, cultural experiences, and group business and spiritual masterminding with Alyssa. For the full list of inclusions and bonuses for your redeemed retreat, visit the individual retreat page. Airfare is NOT included.

How long must I be a member before I can go on retreat?

You can become a member today and go on retreat as early as next month.

How do I redeem my retreats?

You can redeem a retreat by emailing us with the name, location, and dates of the retreat you would like to attend. You will then have the option to reserve a shared room as included in your membership or upgrade to a private room.  

Can I redeem more than 2 retreats per year?

Absolutely! Your membership includes 1 or 2 retreats per year. If you would like to attend additional retreats above what’s included in your membership, you can purchase additional retreats at a discounted rate. Additional retreats are subject to Pay-in Full (PIF) prices. 

Can I pay in full for a retreat?

Yes, you can. You can receive a 5% discount when you pay-in-full (PIF).

Is there childcare available?

It depends on the location, so please see the individual trip page. My daughter is typically traveling with me and I always arrange childcare onsite as we typically stay in the area before and after for vacation. While I know not every woman is a mother, I like to cultivate an environment where we integrate our life and provide support for mothers as a village. Children will not join us during our retreat gatherings, on excursions, or at our dinners.

What happens if I redeem a retreat and have to cancel?

You can cancel a redeemed retreat more than 91 days in advance of the retreat. You will then have the ability to transfer your retreat redemption and any/all upgrade fees to another retreat within the twelve (12) month membership term.

Cancellations made within 90 days of a redeemed retreat cannot be transferred, and any/all retreat redemptions and upgrade fees will be forfeited.

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Access to 1 Standard Retreat per Year

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Access to 2 Standard Retreats per Year OR 1 LUXE Retreat* per Year

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